Backstaging urban art. International artists, wicked writers and progressive pioneers in action.

„Enter the world of urban art“
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„Big in Berlin“
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„Loving Lisbon!“
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40 Years of hiphop culture have transformed graffiti into many subcultural forms of urbanart. And the 70s an 80s generations are investing heavily in urban and street art, creating a huge market worldwide. Join well-connected German gallerist Dr. Christoph Tornow as he examines the urban art scene, meeting up with its high rollers as he travels across Europe.

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Produktionsjahr: ab 2020     •   Konzept: CHRISTOPH TORNOW, BEN CHADWICK, THOMAS VOIGT    •   Kamera: FRANK BECKER, NOAH FELK, THOMAS VOIGT  •   Schnitt: NOAH FELK   •   Musik: JAN DELAY